Pakistan army has killed 50 Afghan troops in Chaman’s: IGFC

Pakistan army has killed 50 Afghan troops in Chaman’s: IGFC

Pakistan army has killed 50 Afghan troops in Chaman’s: IGFC. In reactive fire to Afghan army’s Friday’s hostility on the border town of Chaman, Pakistani armed forces killed 50 Afghan soldiers and border security workforces, wounded more than 100 troops and ruined five Afghan check posts, security officers said.

“At least 50 Afghan militaries were killed and more than 100 wounded after Pakistan reacted to Afghan forces’ attack on Friday when our census squad came under bout near zero-line,” the Frontier Corps (FC) Inspector General Major General Nadeem Anjum said journalists in Chaman on Sunday.

Eleven people, counting women, children and a FC man, were slew and 47 injured when Afghan border forces resorted to ‘unprovoked’ firing at Pakistani crowds guarding a census squad.

The incident befell in the Killi Luqman and Killi Jahangir villages of Chaman, which span the border and have been a source of debate between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kabul entitlements the villages are part of the war-torn country’s Turn Boldak district, and claim Pakistan flatly negates.

“Afghan forces had criticized civilian population but we beleaguered Afghan border sentinels’ check posts,” the FC director general alleged, adding:  “We are not pleased in conspicuous against Afghan brothers but we have to stretch them a strong message regarding border desecration.”

Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Aamir Riaz also go to the border town on Sunday as he swore that the Pakistan Army would not negotiation on Pakistan’s regional rights and endure to deal with ‘armed intruders’ sternly.

“Afghans have been given a becoming reply for their mischief. The international border at Chaman will endure closed for an unknown period until the Afghan government and its militaries change their attitude towards Pakistan and its people,” Lt Gen Raiz said while speaking media and tribal elders.

He said Pakistani militaries had to abolish five Afghan posts as the Afghans had vexed to ‘invade’ Pakistani area with ‘secret motives’, adding that all those forces irritating to make Pakistani territory a doubtful region will face strong revenge.

The corps commander supposed Pakistan was not happy over the fatalities of the Afghan forces as they are ‘our Muslim brothers,’ but advised that all fortified intruders would see the same fortune.

He reviewed the forward places of the defense forces at the border where officers anxious briefed him on the condition in detail. He also offered Fathead for the martyred and go to Chaman’s District Headquarters Hospital to query after the health of the wounded persons.





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