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Everybody knows that Pakistan is developing countries. Our people are growing day by day. We are not very fast like UK, USA and Australia. But we are talented nation. In Pakistan, there is a lot of talent. But our nation has no idea how to utilize this talent. We have huge mind. But we don’t know how to utilize it. Because we have no resources.

Our people don’t know, what are doing in this world. Because we are very far from developed countries. This is truth; I hope many people will deny it. But if we have no resources. It’s not our fault. It’s fault of our government.

Develop countries are making reboots and they are utilizing them. But we are on still human labor. We can also make machines but we have no resources and our people don’t know about things and new innovation. Because our minds are involve the fear of poverty, unemployment and terrorisms.

Now you can get all technology news on the platform of

News Klic is providing you all type of technology news. We appreciate them for this step. This is first largest website of Pakistan which is given technology news. If you want to see what are doing in this world. And what should do in our country. You should visit providing you information in following categories;


You can get information about latest gadgets that are using in Pakistan and foreign. And you can find tutorial about using of latest gadgets.


Everybody knows that internet is network of networks. You can get all updates about internet.


Everybody is using social media. We are using Facebook. Instgram and twitter etc. But we are still wasting our times. Now, you can know benefits of social websites. You can find many ideas about how to promote your business on social media etc.


Best way to  know latest news about telecom. You can know detail of latest mobile packages and latest cell phones and mobile technology.

You can find many more things and latest news on Just visit it and update with technology.


You can find more technology news on Pak Exams

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