Lt Fahad Raza Amjad Shaheed (Tamgha E Basalat)

Lt Fahad Raza Amjad Shaheed (Tamgha E Basalat)

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Lt Fahad Raza Shaheed (June 1991-April 2014) belonged to a village Nano Dogar near Lahore, Lt Fahad Raza Shaheed was Eldest of his siblings.He was bron in Sagodha on 16 june 1991. He got his early education from Okara, after matriculation from Rawalpindi he did his Intermediate from Garrison Science Degree College Lahore. He got commission in Army in 2009. He was from Hamza company 124 long course. He started His Career Fom Okara. In December 2013 was posted In South Waziristan. After 4 months of His Sevices in Waziristan He Participated in an operation ”AL-BARQ” (primay stage of Zarb e Azb) Lt Fahad Raza Shaheed along with his team went to ”Shugar Top” For IED Clearence. During Clearence Due To IED Blast Lt Fahad Raza with his 2 Jawans Havaldar Saleem Khan And sapper Kashif ul Haq Embaced Shahadat.
He was Laid down to rest in his village on 29 April 2014.

The daring lion of Pak Army led his force from the frontage, engaged Fahad Shaheed Top (named after Fahad)and embraced martyred in age of 22 years and 10 months at 08:00 Pm on 27th April 2014 during the green light of IEDs at the Top most point.


Lt Fahad Raza Amjad Shaheed (Tamgha E Basalat)


Tamgha e Basalat



Lt Fahad Raza from 33 Punjab Regiment embrached Shahdat 27 April 2014 , the 1st Martyr of 124 L.C 124 Long Course WE Proud of you.

A brave soldier and the platoon commander of Brigade Commando Platoon Lieutenant FAHAD RAZA embraced Shahadat on 27 Apr 14 while clearing important terrorist hideouts and dominating an even important feature, held with the terrorists. The officer after clearing the area was taking a final round of his platoon along with an NCO and a soldier when a planted IED by the terrorists exploded, resulting into the Shahadat of all three at the spot.

On the starry night of the 27th of April in South-Waziristan a friend, a brother, a comrade, a son and a soldier of Pakistan army Lt Fahad Raza embraced shahadat. He along with his unit was deployed there. Traveling on his military vehicle with his dozen ‘jawans’ he stopped where there was a possibility of and IED hidden somewhere close by. On searching they found not one but numerous IEDs.
“Bear in mind that is night time and you cant turn any kind of light on as that way you would give away your position putting not just your self but more importantly your fellow soldier’s life at stake.”
LT Fahad ordered his jawans to deploy themselves away from harm and continued the search himself along with 2 another soldiers.
The time had come, that was it. That was all the life Fahad and his jawans had in store for them. One of the soldier stepped on the IED, blowing him self along with Fahad and the other jawan. Fahads body was completely burned, what was left of his body that is.
He and his two jawans gave their life, searching for the IED they knew what were the risks but they continued without the slightest of hesitation in their heart and minds.. Can a life, a sacrifice be given a price tag. No matter what the amount is?, no it cant.
Lt Fahad belonged to the outskirts of Lahore. He came from a very modest family. He is our brother who was in 124 long course, 3rd Pakistan battalion, hamza coy. He was 5 feet 8 inches tall but his personality made him stand out amongst all ranks. He was very tough mentally and physically. His mental endurance was commendable as their are stories which reflect to how strong he really was. A brother to us all he was a true comrade. He used to say that “Either I will become a general or embrace shahadat” he got his wish. He used to love jalebi and was otherwise a food lover.
THANK YOU FAHAD FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. We pray and hope you reach the highest ranks of Jannat and may your brothers, parents be given patience to bear your loss.

Lt Fahad Raza Amjad Shaheed (Tamgha E Basalat)
may Allah bless them with highest ranks in Jannat ul Firdaus and bless their families with patience and give health to the Injured soldiers AmeenYou Will Always Be Missed….!!! May His Soul Rest In Peace And Give His Family The Strength And Courage To Bear This Sad Moment..Ameen Summa Ameen
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