Lahore Waste Management Company Announced Vacancy

Lahore Waste Management Company

Lahore Waste Management Company  announced job on lwmc Official Website. Furthermore, please scroll down and get Latest Job description.

Vacancy Announced

General Manager Operations

Lahore Waste Management Company

Ensure the company’s KPIs are completed with respect to the operational activities.

  •  Manage Waste Collection (MSW, C&D,Green, Animal Waste, Hospital, Industrial etc)
  •  Ensure adequate temporary storage capacity
  •  Ensure Door to Door collection o Manage manual sweeping
  •  Mechanical Sweeping / Washing
  •  Desilting operations
  •  Transfer Stations Management
  •  Coordinate with all Government agencies for implementation of proper Operational issues includes division
  •  To monitor the operational performance of international Contractors as per the contract;
  •  Improve performance measuring and monitoring mechanism of Contractors;
  •  Liaison for SWM operations of private housing societies with business development, and include in the overall system and Monitoring of SWM operations through video wall.
  • Support and supervise landfill staff to direct, coordinate and monitor day to day landfill site activities of solid waste disposal, Cost per ton reduction and Efficiency improvement
  • Ensure Manpower planning according to the operational requirements.
  • Efficient interface with Public. Ability to interface and engage with all stake holders.
  • Ensure smooth functioning of complaint Re-dressal System.
  • Assist MD to explore efficient waste disposal options for operational improvements.
  • Operations Budget, Preparation & compliance, Regulatory interface on operational monitors.
  • Management Staff Appraisals, Counseling/Coaching and Training RDF & Compost Plant Operation and Management

Required Qualification (At least one of the following.)

-16 Years Education In Environmental Science
-Masters in Environmental Sciences
-BE (Civil Engineering)
-16 Years of Education In Civil Engineering
-Masters in Civil Engineering
-Bachelors (Hons) in Industrial Engineering
-16 Years Education In Environmental Management
-BE (Mechanical Engineering)
-Masters in Mechanical Engineering
-Masters in Industrial Engineering
-Masters in Enviornmental Engineering
-MS/MPhil Civil Engineering
-MS/MPhil Environmental Sciences
-16 Years Education In Environmental Engineering
-BE (Electrical)
-Bachelors (Hons) in Chemical Engineering
-MS (Electrical)
-MS (Chemical)
-MS (Mechanical)
-Masters in Electrical Engineering
-Masters in Chemical Engineering
-Bachelors/ Masters in Engineering
– Masters in Enviromental Managment
-Bachelors (hons) in Mechanical Engineering
-Bachelors (Hon) Public Health Engineering
-Masters In Public Health Engineering

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