Artificial Drinks like Tang, Limo pani And Sunsip Are Bad for Your Kids: PFA

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is honestly active these days. Other than prohibition certain food items in school canteens, the specialist is also campaigning actively in contradiction of food items which either cause damage or do not contain any nutritional worth, especially for children.

In its most current public consciousness message, PFA informs that a current government survey shows that 44 percent children in Pakistan agonize from lack of proper diet. In its campaign to inform parents about suitable diet and healthy food items for kids, PFA said that immediate drinks are bad for rising children.

Artificial Drinks like Tang, Limo pani And Sunsip Are Bad for Your Kids: PFA

Instant drinks are those which come in crushed form and are diverse with water. Conferring to PFA, Tang, Mixer Star, Sunsip Limupani, Fruitly and any other like drinks are completely fake.

Such drinks make usage of artificial taste and colours. One can only attain calories from such food items as they absence “Original Fruit Content” and any other nutritional gratified.

The authority mentions that parents should evade such drinks which have no nutritional worth and instead select fruit juices, flavored milk, milk shakes, etc. for healthier physical and mental fitness of their children.

Yesterday, it was stated that the authority is seeing to ban fizzy (carbonated) drinks for all young children across the whole province. Formerly, fizzy drinks had been disqualified in school canteens only.

Execution will probably activate after the summer holidays and anyone under 18 years of age will not be attended carbonated drinks in school mess hall.

PFA has also permitted a set of guidelines where food items are alienated into three categories – green, yellow and red – grounded on their nutritional standards and importance.

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